August 12th, 2002


Mobile phone post

I'm posting this from my mobile (over wap) and it's cool, but you see this post isn't showing up in the right time zone so i keep getting back date errors
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Notice to all,

Today I finally added edibleundies to my friends list. Why it took so long, well I'm slow and thought she was already there but wasn't. I'm so dense sometimes.

In related news 0595 has added me to his friends list, I'm flattered, another person who likes reading the works of a nutter ;o)

Anyways, Thats all the texty chatty things for now, I shall return soon with more madness.

Oh yeah, big props to selfsufficience coz we're chatting on AIM :o)
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Yet another reply
Dear friend,
I got your email and sympatise with the disconnection of your phone.
Can you go to a public phone and place a call?We have to hurry up
this transaction as time is of great enssence.All modalities have
been perfected towards a smooth and successful transaction.I await
your quick reply.
Kind regards,
Dr.Joseph Adaga.

My Reply

I tried to use the public phone, but I was ¥6 short.

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I'm near Manchester in the car again, using VodaCRAP GPRS and the laptop to post strange things from the car. Well now is one of those strange post times. I was listening to Wire FM and 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' came on, needless to say I had to lipsync to it.... on the motorway.... with people watching me.

They must have though I'd gone all loopy!
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