August 19th, 2002


More spam!

I got another one of those fucking spam messages trying to scam me out of my money, so I spammed him back! (and blacklisted his email address, mind you he gets an email back from the server that says "Your message can not be delivered because 'your a fucking twat' ...")

My reply to him
Dear sir,

Are you willing to change long distance providers? If so Two.Tel can
provide you with the best rates around!
Just have a look at some of our competitive rates*!

Australia from 9p
Afghanistan from 69 yen
Canada from only 8 euro cent
Denmark from 390 afghanis
England from 18 dinars
Guam from 15 pesos
Hong Kong from 1 markkaa

for more details ring Two.Tel or swing a sock full of chinese yuen around
your head while singing
'God Save The Queen'

* = Rates are based on a per minute scheme, a connection fee of 0.175 euro
cent, 0.098 canadian cents and 0.9985p
applies to all calls made from earth. Monthly subscription fee of €13.22,
£2.09 and $22.93 required.
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I got my Switch card replaced today after that first great western ticket machine melted the hologram on the card. I really didn't want to have to get a new one so quickly but shop keepers have decided I look like the type of guy to be committing fraud so to keep myself from having my service card removed and finding myself being questioned for card fraud I just had to have it done.

My bank didn't seem too please about doing it, but thankfully they did it. So now this time I've got to learn from my mistakes and also sign the card properly this time as to avoid more close shaves with the law enforcement community.

Whatelse is new.... ah yes, I don't know if I mentioned this but First Great Western are going to refund my extra £35 for their error, but since they have a 4 week backlog (how many people have been fucked by FGW?) it'll take quite awhile to go through back onto my card (yay, wonderful plastic).

Umm, more intresting things, I'm going to Burnley on Friday (for those who don't know it's close to the dump that is Leeds) and I'll be there until Bank Holiday monday, where I'll be going into Scotland for work (going to be in East Kilbride on tuesday) and I maybe left there until Friday (I'm going with djg_uk who is also me boss) so that'll be cool.

And thats all for me now, back to watching the Discovery Channel (+1)