September 29th, 2002


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I've had a good weekend so far, on friday night me and David went off to the pub, had some booze and fell alseep.

On staurday we went to Bath, I spent about £47 on DVDs at HMV, David spent £53 on DVDs as well. I bought the 'Trilogy Of The Dead' box series, Madman and another horror movie I can't remember the title of, then I bought my self a cat plush toy (yes I'm just a big kid). Later that night I fell asleep (at around 8pm I think).

The today we went out to Brizzle. We stopped off at 'The Mall' (the big one near ASDA) I spent about 200 quid today, I bought myself a bag puss, a 'Young Ones' Series One DVD and me and David split the cost of an X-Box! (£120 each).

Anyways, now we're watching Day Of The Dead and I'm going to bugger off for a bit :o)
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