October 1st, 2002


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The companies say the settlement does not mean they have admitted any wrongdoing in their treatment of workers.

If I were to kill a man I wouldn't have to say that I admitted to doing it, I'm quite
sure the blood on my clothing would scream it loud enough.

"We're pleased to have helped develop an enhanced monitoring program that includes remediation efforts," said Lauri Shanahan of The Gap. Shanahan says the settlement "complements" The Gap's efforts to improve factory conditions.

I'm sure the US$16 Million (£10,177,592.27) had nothing to do with their
"complements" to a better workplace.

... The proposal would change federal labelling regulations by providing consumers with information through the Industry Canada database on where clothes sold in Canada are made.

Retailers have rejected the plan saying it would be a "nightmare" to manage.

It'd be a nightmare to sales.

Oh yes and for the record these are the three big sweatshop retailers:
Disney, Wal-Mart and Nike
You may stop shopping at these places now.

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