November 7th, 2002


Good Old America....

I'm glad to hear that over a year later America is still being overly paranoid.

A Muslim cleric meets a grim warning from a U.S. immigration officer: "We don't welcome you here."....

...."Tell your community we don't welcome you anymore," Umar Dogar says he was told repeatedly by an immigration officer as he and five others tried to cross the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 4.....

....A Seneca College professor in the group said FBI officers questioned him about his religious affiliations, associates and family. They photocopied the contents of each man's wallet, including an address book, said Zafar, 49, who wanted only his middle name used....

...The second time, at Buffalo last Sunday, the sense of humour became expendable. "I'm not a terrorist," he protested. "I don't know bin Laden."

It didn't save him from another session of fingerprints and photos. He got a document to prove he'd been fingerprinted, but each entry point requires the same procedure....

...Ahmad Baksh, a Toronto lawyer who often meets with clients at the border, has heard the stories. "If they appear to have a beard, in some cases, and they are brown, they encounter situations going over the border. That's delays, harassment, undue questioning....

...Naramsin Gabriel, 37, an Iraqi-born Canadian who works for Ford in Windsor, has told Ford he doesn't want to do any more training in the U.S.

"Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'd rather be paranoid than incarcerated," said Gabriel, whose family immigrated to Canada when he was 4....

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It's time for a real thought provoking post... or not.

Anyways, Recently I have been quite ill, which sucks but I have a feeling
my lack of spending a few straight days in bed is to blame for this was well.
What has been happening is I get really sick after I eat and when I wake up in
the morning. It gets really bad sometimes like when I went over to have dinner
at a friends house I almost heaved up my dinner because I had 'too much' (or at least that is what this pathetic excuse for a organic lifeform - aka my body thought).

It's not good at all because I'm eating much less than normal and I feel crap
all day, and to make it worse I had to run to the toilets in the cinema when I went
to see 28 days later because I felt I had to throw up.

Even now I feel shitty, I can't have anything else to eat and the lunch I buy will take me
at LEAST 3 hours to pick at. I could just avoid buying lunch, but that makes it worse because although I find it hard to keep food down I still get hungry, and if I do without lunch then I'll end up eating a fair bit when I get home. And thats when I regret it because all night I feel completely pants.

Ah well, thats life. Back to my tea.
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