November 21st, 2002


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Subject: RE: Samsung S100 Tri-band GSM/GPRS
From: "Kathryn Levy"
Date: Thu, November 21, 2002 8:27 am
To: "Kevin Welford-Costelloe"
Priority: Normal

Dear Sir,

At this stage the item is still on pre release, so we do not have an indication
about release date or price as yet.
Im not sure of a compant that would insure be it would be worth looking under your
house insurance.


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I just noticed that my email address that receives sooo much spam hasn't received anything since I put my current mail server's SPAM setting to 'maximum' and Mail Shell's to the same restriction (I use mail shell as a second filter).

It's amazing, I've got the upperhand on spammers! mwahahaha!


Things to do today (tick when completed):

Wake Up.
Have Lunch.
Listen to voicemail messages.
  Pick Nose.
  Go home.
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All I have to say is, sucks to be you. received the following consumer message on November 12, 2002:


RE: UPS - being sued by UPS delivery person for an alleged dog bite

A UPS delivery person is suing me for a alledged dog bite. He has been delivering to this address for over eight years. He was ranting and raving at me with a witness present to this abusive behavior. I am so unhappy with UPS service on the whole, and now this happens.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does UPS have a policy regarding litigation against customers? How about there still charging a $1.50 surcharge for gas when in California, the price of diesel is $1.49?? What a rip-off.

I am boycotting UPS and using FedEx or USPS. If the vendor only uses UPS, I then cancel my order and find a vendor or will give me a choice.

Thanks for listening.


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Just when I though it couldn't get better received the following consumer message on November 11, 2002:

From: juan campbell []

RE: AOL - used 1,000 hours of free trial time - charged $ 3,870 from Pacific Bell telephone for non-local dialup telephone calls

my email:
my name is juan campbell.

my complain is against AOL internet company. I was charged by pacific bell telefone company for $3,870.00 because I connected the free trial for 1000 hours with AOL.

I just followed the cd directions to install the program,when it came to the part where I had to choose local telefone numbers I chose about 5 and one of them wasn't a local # which I didn't. so every time I connected the internet the line was going for a long distance call.

I think this is the aerican on line company fault because they gave me a number that wasn't local. this is why I'm getting charge for this amount.please tell where I can go to complain or what to do. thankyou very much I aappreciate your help.