December 27th, 2002



Recent things:

- Was sent a package on December 1st, which Royal Mail has of course lost it in a pile marked 'To Be Blown Up For Fun', err, well at least thats what I think.

- Christmas in Solihull (Birmingham-ish) was nice.

- NatWest rang me in regards to my eSavings account application, finally they're
doing real work instead of sending me bloody letters all the time.

- I have to go into my branch to knock £100 off of my monthly transfer.

- I still have to deposit Glenn's £100 bankers draft which I received two weeks ago (yes, I'm too lazy to even use the cash point in town).

- We're getting chinese tonight.

- David is running late and he brought Harry with him, so I'm bored seeing as
Charlie isn't the most talkitive/exciting breed of mut. Although I think he likes
me alot now as I've been giving him treets all day ;o)

- Daytime television sucks.

- The BBC needs a kick in the ass, I was shocked to see Breakfast move to
BBC 2, although the childrens programming is quite interesting!

- I'm paying peak rates for this.

- I've got a paid LJ account ;o)

- a Kylie MP3 has started to play.

That is all.
  • Current Music
    So Now Goodbye - Kylie (The Queen of Earth) Minogue.