January 6th, 2003


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Somebody in this building has lead one of our suppliers/customers to believe my DDI number is a fax number.
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It's Bacardi!

Dear Kevin

Thanks for your email regarding the Bacardi Breezer Celebrity Lifestyle Instant Win competition. I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems with the promotion.

I gather that you have received a large number of reply messages and understandably are concerned about being over-charged for your entries.

If you could provide me with your mobile phone number then we can check our computer system to determine exactly what has happened and attempt to rectify any problems as soon as possible. All incoming and outgoing SMS messages from our special short-code number are recorded on the automated system and we will be able to track all messages to and from your phone and take any necessary action after consulting these records.

Therefore please reply to this email with your mobile number at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for playing Bacardi Breezer Celebrity Lifestyle Instant Win!

Kind regards,

Saul Parker

For and on behalf of Bacardi Breezer