January 7th, 2003



There is a small problem with our exchange server at work, it has issues with people who are running XP Home, specifically it tells you that your 'logon credentials' are bad even though they are not.

Well anyways, I had to set up my work email account as a pop3 account and after MS Outlook had downloaded a copy to my hard drive it then decided "hey, you know what would be really fun? Sending out HUNDREDS of read receipts from every read message since July 2002!"

So yeah, I'm not impressed with Micro$oft at the mo.

The gun issue. (from BBC News Online

It should be a basic right in this country for everyone to own a firearm (except for machine guns or silenced weapons) for their own and their family's protection. Research in the US has shown that more guns decrease the level of gun crime - simply because armed criminals think twice about attacking people they suspect to be armed.
Andrew H, Liverpool, UK

Ohh what a bright idea, lets be like the Americans.
I'd sure love to shoot my neighbour for walking across my bit of grass.

I'd personally like to see all firearms banned, lets face it they're not needed.
I'd love to see a 'firearm-free*' country some day in the future.

* of course I wouldn't mean *all* firearms (ex. Armed Police)

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I guess I don't understand the logic of the gun control movement. Did anyone really expect that disarming the victim population was going to discourage the criminal element? You may want to consider legalising concealed carry of handguns for people with clean criminal records - it has successfully reduced violent crime in many parts of the USA!

Thats probably the best idea I've heard so far, lets all carry concealed weapons!
However, this person fails to forget, just because somebody has a clean record doesn't mean they haven't already killed someone nor do they have any intention to do so.