January 19th, 2003



I shall start this post with some words of wisdom (provided by the Pot Noodle Company):
Love makes the world go round but beer makes it go round twice as fast

Anyways, continuing on, last night Steve invited myself and djg_uk to the rugby match between London Irish and Toulouse at the Majiski(sp?) staduim in Reading.

I was quite happy as I've been....errr....simmering over last month for a while (I've talked about it to David) and I was quite pleased to say the least.

Anyways, the match was good once it finished we headed off to ASK in Malborough, I had a good caeser salad and a speghetti bolonaise but mid way through I had to bring it all back up. Mainly because I've had too much to drink (not alcohol but liquids).

Then we went to Claire's flat in Pewsey (which she's going to let) and had some wine (at that point I moved to lager), we just sat an talked, quite fun. Then after we had abandonned the flat we headed back to Steve's, had more to drink (except David who had coffee) I had another pint of lager (making my count 2 pints all day).

Steve mentioned he wanted to do it again, which is groovy, and he also wants to do an ice hockey outting as well :o)

Quite a good time today :o)
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