January 23rd, 2003


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kuzanagi_ asks What is your primary goal in life?

To one day take over a small country in the south pacific and rule it with an
iron fist. However, my negoations with the Australian government aren't going
as well as I hoped.

pookee asks What's your mouth in your userpic?

A condom. (see next question for details)

fyremaven asks what flavor condom is that you're holding in your user pic?

It's strawberry flavoured.

ktm asks I'll be the one to make this dirtay lol: What's your fav thing to do? (yeah in that sense)

Well I really really enjoy [EXCISED FOR EXTREME INDECENT CONTENT]. Hope that answers
your query.

And to finish off. I demand all who have not yet asked a question to do so now, or I'll find out where your gran lives and give her your phone number!

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