February 19th, 2003



I've modified the responses to "who made you" and "who is your owner" on DutchessKev (aim), here's what it looks like:

NRGagainTO: who made you?
DutchessKev: My parents. I'm human v1.1, fully compatible with other flesh based products.
NRGagainTO: who is your owner?
DutchessKev: Lay off the bong hits before IMing me.

Logs gallore

This just made me giggle, somebody attempted to have cyber sex with my bot.

02/18/03 04:51:23 PM:bluefreckles54: Hi there
02/18/03 04:51:23 PM:dutchesskev: That is interesting. Please continue.
02/18/03 04:51:45 PM:bluefreckles54: how are you?
02/18/03 04:51:45 PM:dutchesskev: I am well.
02/18/03 04:51:54 PM:bluefreckles54: that is good
02/18/03 04:51:54 PM:dutchesskev: Tell me more about that.
02/18/03 04:53:15 PM:bluefreckles54: cyber?
02/18/03 04:53:15 PM:dutchesskev: I'm not sure I understand you fully.

Unfortunatly It didn't go further as of course my bot is to stupid to realise what 'cyber' is.

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Bah, pinkypuffyfluff warned my bot a number of times. Bitch, just wait until I get a hold of them.

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02/19/03 10:28:00 AM:pinkpuffyfluff: -- WARNING SENT Wed Feb 19 10:28:00 EST 2003
02/19/03 10:28:00 AM:dutchesskev: -- BLOCKING pinkpuffyfluff
02/19/03 10:28:07 AM:pinkpuffyfluff: -- WARNING SENT Wed Feb 19 10:28:07 EST 2003
02/19/03 10:28:07 AM:dutchesskev: -- BLOCKING pinkpuffyfluff
02/19/03 10:28:11 AM:pinkpuffyfluff: -- WARNING SENT Wed Feb 19 10:28:11 EST 2003
02/19/03 10:28:11 AM:dutchesskev: -- BLOCKING pinkpuffyfluff
02/19/03 10:28:14 AM:pinkpuffyfluff: -- WARNING SENT Wed Feb 19 10:28:14 EST 2003
02/19/03 10:28:14 AM:dutchesskev: -- BLOCKING pinkpuffyfluff
02/19/03 10:28:16 AM:pinkpuffyfluff: -- WARNING SENT Wed Feb 19 10:28:16 EST 2003
02/19/03 10:28:16 AM:dutchesskev: -- BLOCKING pinkpuffyfluff


From last night's Rail Cops on BBC One:

Yank: How do I get to St. Pancreas station
Officer: You mean St. Pancras
Yank: Yeah
Officer: (says directions)
Yank: Thanks
Officer (after he walked away): Fucking Yanks.

I now respect the Rail Authorities and BBC One.

(note to Americans: If you can correctly say "St. Pancras" then you have nothing to worry about, I still have respect for you.)


Have you seen UK's Worst on BBC One? Thats completely FUCKED UP who they bought a lioness for a few grand, it's quite upsetting to see poor Rosie (aka Carla) I hope the Beeb got the poilce in. However, after seeing this I'm quite happy to pay my TV Licence, in fact I'll pay for THREE more just for them buying her and giving her back to a proper zoo.

This is another reason I should probably start donating a sizable amount to the RSPCA. Anybody have the number?