February 22nd, 2003



It's Saturday, I'm actually *awake* this weekend (as I've had two weeks of late nights) so I'm a bit bouncy today.. I've noticied I've got fat, which I *MUST* change as it's err... not good, I've got big in a short period of time so I'm changing my eating habits, no crisps and other 'death foods'.

I also finally got my cd from HMV which should have been here yesterday morning, but I'm not prepaired to write a 40 page rant on the incompitence of Royal Snail.

Also I'm going into Bath today to attempt to find a screen for my shaving device as it has a few holes (and so does my face as a result).

Other things that MUST be done, I've got to book for driving lessions when I get paid, most likely NOT with the AA as they seem to say "Call next week" every week, bastards.

Anyways, I guess thats it for now.
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Cherie Blair


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