March 8th, 2003


So I've changed it a little

Kevin is ________.
Kevin thinks a lot about _______ using only a plastic tube and coloured mice.
When I think of Kevin, I think of ________, thats why I'm currently undergoing extensive counseling.
I want Kevin to ________ me with a hammer and a single bog roll.
If I were alone in a room with Kevin, I would _______ then ring 999.
I think Kevin should _____ to complete his mission of taking over the world.
Kevin needs ______ and a £20 voucher from Virgin Wines.
I want to ____________ Kevin over and over until the armed police kick in my door.
If I could describe Kevin in a word: _______.
Kevin will never ______ with witnesses around.
Kevin can ______ my packet of Salt & Vinegar crisps.
I hope Kevin never _____ with a gerbil.
I _____ Kevin because _______ and because he's threatened to _______ ________.