March 12th, 2003


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I'm greatly annoyed with B(itch)T(elecom) we have a number of ADSL lines in a number of offices around the country all with my name as the contact. However, no matter how many times I spell Costelloe it seems to somehow turn into Costello.

Now there is a flood of BT paperwork with Costello on it, it's quite iritating.

Well, I'm going to start refering to them as TB or British Telecorp or some incorrect variation of their name until they ADD THE FUCKING E TO MY SURNAME.

That is all, you may now resume your otherwise eventful lives.
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Personal note

I'm not as smart as I think I am sometimes. My (work) laptop screen flickers, so I use another monitor as I've been too lazy to actually put some effort into getting it fixed, well, I closed the laptop and was like "OMG I'm sooo smartz I kan cloze the laptop and leik still werk!"


About 10 minutes later it hit me

Kevin, you *can't* type.... idiot

So yeah, back to the drawing board.