March 23rd, 2003


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I have REALLY got to get back into videoing, I haven't seriously done it for a good few years now and I should. I have all the equiptment to do it but I don't, however I have a plan.

My plan is to purchase a Sony DCR VX2000 which I've seen for about £2,559.99 (inc VAT), this isn't a little Digital 8, I'm talking SERIOUS business here ie. Broadcast Quaility.

This I'll get me on the path to doing it as seriously as I did a few years back, plus
in the event I make something half-assed there is a possibility I'd have no problem flogging it off.

Anyways, my high interest savings account is going to come in handy, for once I'll say it: Cheers NatWest!


I just found a Sony PD150 (which I've had experience with at a television station) it's £3,658.86 inc VAT.

There is my goal, £4,000.