March 31st, 2003


Bloody body, I want an EXCHANGE!

Yesterday whilst going up a hill (on the back of djg_uk's quad) with various and large holes in it I managed to put a fair sum of my weight on my left wrist when the back of the quad quickly dropped, of course because of gravity, shortly after my body came down as well using my left arm as a shock absorber.

At the time it was slightly sore, but now it's starting to come out, enough so that by
3pm I'll probably be limited to typing with my right hand.

God, I want an exchange you bastard, when I bought this thing you claimed it was "the top of the line".
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kuzanagi_ posted a list of people and why they are on his friends list. I'm quite tempted to do that myself, but it would probably take a while because knowing me I'd post things like this:

epona_dru - Very interesting girl who I enjoy stalking.
lakeguy - I stole his car, set it a light and drove it through a McDonalds.
antiscrotum - We occasionally go and dig up grave yards, then proceed to re-enact the last episode of 24 with all our "new friends".

So yeah, I'll attempt it but I can only spout out so many witty remarks in a day! I've got to save some for the incompitent bus driver who still hasn't figured out I want to go to "Bowerhill" and not "London Paddington" via the X72 bus.