June 3rd, 2003


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Another interesting call via the auto-attendant:

"Hi, I don' think I have the right department but can I speak with name."

Now the person he was looking for was in PRODUCTION who does things like ORDERING things. Now how one confuses IT Department with Production is beyond me, or he thought
"the the IT department must know every telephone number in the building, so I'll select them."

(note: the IT department is number 4 in the list, so he sat on the line long enough to decided that all the other departments weren't good enough)


Do you know what playing Yoshi's Island 3: Super Mario Advance for the SECOND TIME AROUND can do to a person?

However, I'm sorted by tomorrow-ish

We thought you would like to know that the following items have been
sent to:

Kevin Costelloe

using Royal Mail (1-2 business days).

Your order #202-8948788-0571009 (received 24 May 2003, 14:49 BST)
Ordered Title Price Dispatched Subtotal
1 Super Mario Advance XX.99 GBP 1 XX.99 GBP
Sold by Amazon International Sales, Inc.

1 Super Mario World - Super Mari XX.99 GBP 1 XX.99 GBP
Sold by Amazon International Sales, Inc.

Subtotal Including VAT: XX.98 GBP
Delivery Charges Including VAT: 2.39 GBP
Total Including VAT: XX.37 GBP
VAT 17.50 GBP%: X.80 GBP

This completes your order.

Prices removed to avoid comments like "WTF?!?! THAT MUCH 4 GBA GAMES, UR A FOOL!"


I've got my three statement today, it's £5.75 for this month. However I'm not too sure if I have to do a manual payment this month, I hope not because I'm too fucking lazy to do so, that is why I signed the direct debit agreement seconds after doing the same to the contract.

edit: if I have to pay manually I will, I'm not going to have a not-so-nice mark on my credit over 5 quid.