June 5th, 2003


Banking, oh such fun!

I've got two mystery charges which won't be detailed on my statement until Tomorrow.
First one is for 62p (really, I'm not joking a whole 62p) and the next is for £12.34.

More details sometime tomorrow.

(no subject)

Somebody forgot to give me the memo about companies not wanting my money in return for services.

Seriously, I'm trying to enquire if my direct debit has been set-up on my three account or if I need to make a manual payment. Three don't seem to be that helpful in more ways than one.

I rang up and Ms. Lady said her computer was taking too long and would ring me back, which she hasn't done at all, but of course this wouldn't be a problem if they had sent me the invoice a few days ago (did I mention the due date is the 7th?).

So yeah, I think it may be required to force my money on them.