June 23rd, 2003


Monday Update

All my writing devices are missing and all somebody left in trade was a blue pen that was somewhere between "dying a slow painful death" and "rotting in pen hell".

So I was forced to do my bi-monthly stationary raid, however, it ended poorly, I only found a single box of the "non-shit" pens with three left, one having no cap as somebody nicked it.

I'm plotting another raid tomorrow in the hope that more have been ordered.

I also plan on marking all my pens then going on an office hunt, when I find one of my pens on somebody elses desk I'll "liberate" all their pens and if I'm in a good mood any personal posessions that may also be on said desk.
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More driving fun...

I've got to book my practical test today before 6pm (as they close then) but I can't book it until I get home as they require the certificate number.

Anyways, It's going to cost me at least £40 to sit on a waiting list
for 9 weeks then take the test (hurrah!), I *really* want to have this done
before the new lot of EU imposed test-additives come into play in September.
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Cherie Blair

1'M 50 1337....

I've appearently done something to upset the insect community, as I was walking to the petrol station for lunch, I found myself being attacked by a kamakazee bee.

This bee attempted to divebomb me, I don't mean by swooping down and giving me
a mouthful of stinger, it actially was flying VERTICALLY down in a STRAIGHT line towards me.

Thankfully (for me) he missed and re-organised his bee face on the pavement.