June 25th, 2003


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Been looking at purchasing a car today had a chat with kuzanagi_ which was quite helpful as I haven't got a clue what to do, where to start and what make/model would be a good base point.

Anyways, had a look around Auto Trader and I found a lovely Vauxhall Corsa, so I squeeled with glee and said "I'll kill who ever comes in the way of me and that car", so then I went on to NatWest (Don't ask me why I insist on using them all the time, because I don't know, I suspect they place some form of sublimital messages in my bank statements) and got a quote for insurance, which wasn't too bad (£868.35 I think, for third party + fire and theift) even though I am still on a Provisional (and of course quoted on that as well).

So anyways, I'll still be looking around, but I've also got to coax the bank for a good £3,000 loan (thats my maximum amount i'm willing to pay), which I suspect it won't be a problem as every day they try and sell me crap I don't need (morgage the tree in your front garden, PLEASE? or INSURE YOUR NEIGHBOURS CAT, WE LOVE YOU).

Yeah, there are me plans.
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1998 S Reg Suzuki Swift Swift 1.3 GLX
Petrol, Manual 5 speed, Blue, Hatchback, 12,000 miles , 5 Doors. Central Door Locking, Clock, Electric Windows, Immobilizer, In Car Entertainment, One Owner, Power-Assisted Steering, Rear Wash/Wipe, Warranty.Only Group 5 Insurance! £2,785.

I'm considering this one now, the only price difference between this and the Corsa (post loan payments & insurance) is £31....