July 14th, 2003


Weekend Fun!

Went up to Cambridge this weekend, had a fairly good time did many things.

On the friday I drove from work to the M40 (where David took over) it went fairly well even though that was my first time on those fairly large roundabouts, which I have dubbed holy mother of fucking christ I'm going to DIE I did also enjoy the traffic light controlled ones as well.

Anyways, that wasn't too bad except some fuckwit in a convertable decided to take up some of my lane as I was approaching the roundabout causing me to brake abruptly when I could have easily made it through the roundabout if the arsehole didn't leave the nose of his fucking car in my way.

Once we got to Cambridge all was well, we had an air conditioned room which stayed at a lovely 15-20C whilst the rest of the city was at 32.5C, we met up with Joe on the friday night, had a few drinks and bought worth of hostel sandwiches.

Next morning we got up at around half 4 in the morning, David went off on a flight and then we went back slept, went back out and of course nobody was around at the specified time, so we buggered off to Halfords and I bought myself a new CD Tuner as the current one in my car is shite. Not only do you have to "manually" tune it because the search function seems to prefer regional BBC Radio stations (really I wanted Radio 1 not BBC Wiltshire, Oxford and Cambridgeshire) but the display is knackered as well.

Went back for teathering, then heading off to a service at King's Chapel (which Joe is a member of the choir), after that headed back to the event did many things until the glow.

At the glow my job was to push a button and be harassed by a small child who thought my name was "excuse me, excuse ME, EXCUSE ME" whilst I was attempting to listen for my queues to press my Button of Mystical Power!

Sunday we got up around half nine and left to come back to Wiltshire to move ducks, David drove past the M40 where I started driving.

Most of the journey wasn't too bad, I 0wn3d the roundabouts which was quite nice however, on a single carriage way I was going 60mph (the national limit) until a small car poped out of the junction and started chugging along, which was not a problem I slowed down and remained at about 30-40mph for a fair bit of time behind this little car, I also left a good cars length between us. Now at this point we've hit a 50 zone, I'm still going 45 as this car in front of me is doing the same, the Ford Ka behind me knows why I'm doing this speed and thus doesn't attempt to be a fucking wanker and overtake me, however an M reg Mercedes behind him decides we're all going too fucking slow and overtakes the Ka and myself then merges in the car length of space between the slow moving car and myself, this wouldn't be a problem IF HE DIDN'T SLOW DOWN to about 25-30mph causing me to break an come down from 40 to about 20.

But other than that it was a standard trip.

We moved the ducks, went to the pub, came back home at 8 or so washed my car, watched some telly, ate some food and went to bed.

Voila, weekend.
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