July 18th, 2003

Cherie Blair

Today's Yoof

I was walking to the petrol station when two boys (to be a "man" you have to be mature enough not to do the following) in their L reg shit bucket sounded the horn, I looked up (mind you I was walking on the pavement and not the road) to find the driver showing his M4D 5K1LLZ by driving *and* displaying the one finger salute and the passenger rolling down his window to do the same.

Now, I could have been angry, but it was amusing, mainly because their obvous lack of mental power and secondly because one would assume they were showing me how much "better" they are because I'm walking and their driving.

Now really kids, if you're going to harass pedestrians because your driving at LEAST attempt not to do it while driving a car much older than yourself, it just makes your "victim" giggle like a school girl on speed.
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