October 27th, 2003

Ohh shiny things


Upon checking my online banking to view my present state of poverty I come across this "helpful" little message:

We are aware that some internet users have been targeted by fraudsters claiming to be from NatWest and asking for customers to confirm their email address by entering their NatWest OnLine Banking security details.
NatWest would never ask customers to provide us with this type of information by email and would urge our customers not to respond to this email. If you receive this message please delete it immediately.

Please remember that, for security reasons, we will only ever ask you to enter random characters from your PIN and Password when you logon to NatWest OnLine Banking.

As a temporary measure to protect our customers we have reduced the daily limit on third party payments to £1,000 and have suspended the ability to create or change payment mandates and setup standing orders. We expect to be able to remove these restrictions in the near future.

If you have received and responded to this email message please contact our OnLine Banking Helpdesk immediately on 0845 60 50 789 or +44 8702 430 464. The Helpdesk is available 24 hours a day (calls may be recorded). You can also contact the Helpdesk if you have concerns regarding the temporary measures we have taken.

Why do people immedatly assume that anybody sending them an email is "offical" you wouldn't give your pin number and service card to a stranger on the street so why would you do this? I truely can not comprehend why people do it or get sucked in to 419 scams, these people should have the restrictions on their accounts not the rest of the bank's customers.