October 28th, 2003

Ohh shiny things

Watch as I bludgen myself to death with this telephone handset!

We have a person (by person, I mean "life form with no brain power in the shape of a human) in the Manchester office, who is now some form of sales person (it seems) anyways, I have had the displeasure in speaking him through a "technical problem".

Now before I get started I should remind people it is perfectly ok to ring me up with simple problems if you're not computer literate, however, when you don't actually listen to what I'm saying and just do whatever you feel fit whilst wasting 13 minutes of my life, then it is no longer ok and you are now classified as a fuckwit.

Anyways, Fuckwit is attempting to get to the Streetmap.co.uk website he is unable to mainly because he's dumb, I tell him for a good ten minutes that he should delete everything in the "Address bar" and replace it with "www.streetmap.co.uk" this of course is too much for his small brain to handle so he does the exact opposite and puts this into the Google search bar (his homepage is set to google) and clicks "I'm Feeling Lucky" which is a far cry from my "once you have typed that into the address bar press the "Enter" key.

By the last few minutes the server in London had enough of his shit and kicked him off (which I was not responsible for). I'll avoid wasting your time as you all know where this is going.

After he reconnects to the server (after pissing me off even more) he continues his lack of listening to me, until of course he senses my trademark "Shut the fuck up" tone. Great he started to listen and FINALLY did what I asked/told/demanded/ordered with the punishment of death/etc and he got his webpage after 13 minutes of pratting around on the phone.

I asked accounts if we could terminate his employment for being a complete idiot, alas, they could not, he still remains employed and stupid.
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