November 18th, 2003

Ohh shiny things


Bush is an irritating paranoid man, this probably has alot to do with all those oil fumes he was breathing during his youth (or the charlie).

He recently "requested" that Buckingham Palace have added protection for his visit, mainly re-enforce the rooms he would be staying in with bomb and airbourne assault proofing, the Queen highly un-amused with such a demand from a guest told him to fuck himself senseless with a banana. She also is limiting the amount of security staff he can bring, probably so she can stab him to death as he sleeps.

Next his little security requirement will cost the British tax payers £5 million, to protect him from TEH EVYL ARAB MANACE or peaceful protesters, but they're all terrorists you see. Bush's security also have the right to fire on anybody they suspect to be endangering the President, this could include al-Qaeda operatives or anybody with two legs within a 64 mile radius of Mr. Bush.

I really feel we should pull the funding to this shit, give him a fucking cricket bat and let him defend himself, unless of course AMERICA is going to pay up the £5 million or more, then and only then shall we pile on the coppers.
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