December 20th, 2003


Christmas Meal things!

So the christmas meal was great, as some of you may have noticed at one point my state on my website was set to "fucking fucked" as I was pretty trashed by then, got a couple of photos on the new three phone and a video of Karen as well.

After we left the Millstream (where we ate) we went into Devizes and popped into the Bell On The Green then after that to the Four Seasons, after a bit myself and David popped into East Chisenbury (? - my hazy memory may have this name wrong) to say hello at the Sky Power company do.

After that we headed home and I managed to go to the shop up the road and not look like a complete drunk, which of course I failed, but I got my items and staggered back home.


I managed to get my email address to forward off to my three phone, so now I can pick up and reply to my emails on my phone. I also found that I can send and receive emails in 2.5G instead of just in 3G, which is great when 3 coverage isn't too great. I got phlogger to take smses from my phone but not MMSes which is slightly problematic, but can be ignored.

The only real problem I can see at the moment is not being able to MMS network to network, which sux0rs.