January 2nd, 2004

Ohh shiny things

Fun in finance

So the trip to the bank went well, much better than I expected. Once I got there we started straight off in re-loaning the car, which is good as my payments are down to £165 from £308.

She also gave me a cash loan for the total amount of my credit card balance* and my overdraft, I was going to object, but it makes perfect sense really as next month I will be starting off pretty much from "scratch".

We also never got around to talking about my overdraft, but to be honest that was a good thing.

* = I don't carry a "balance" on my card, you have to be MAD to with the "great rate" they offer.
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Ohh shiny things

And another thing

Before I forget, I REALLY now hate everybody on this estate, all of them.

This is because one of them received my post at their house, most likely because the postman (or postlady) accidently included it in their lot, however, instead of slipping it through the door they wrote "RETURN TO SENDER" and sent it back.

Now this is not normally a problem, however, it happened to be SOMETHING THE BANK SENT ME, thus, throwing up an alert when my loan application was going through. In short it suggested I was a lying fuckwit and didn't really live here.

But because the person I was dealing with had some sense to notice I was only one item of marketing rubbish she just informed the system that it's a whore and should get it's facts straight.

I'm up for a bit of 0wning now. If I receive a letter postmarked for another house on this estate I shall do the exact same thing, see how they like it.
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