January 7th, 2004

Cheerleader Cherie

YAY My film is shit!

Madsquirrel in Still Death Does Us Part
In this thrill-per-minute epic, mmn (John Cusack) is a shady prisoner with a terrible past. He must track down thjorska (Dougray Scott) before his archenemy, ivanaqhumpalot (Sean Connery), brainwashes him. Predictably, he sneaks into Ivanaqhumpalot's facility. From start to finish, this movie is interesting in parts.
Produced by ianiceboy
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Ohh shiny things

An open letter

Dear Lorry Drivers Of Great Britain,


It is NOT acceptable to push a car into speeding, it is also NOT a very good idea to push a small car in gusty conditions with very poor visibility to speed up when the driver has deemed it a speed (mind you that you have a speed limit too and it's not 60mph on a national limit road) that will not only save HIS life but YOUR life as well.

Full-beam headlamps are NOT supposed to be used when DIRECTLY BEHIND a vehicle, this will cause the driver to be dazzled and possibly will not be able to see the DARK ROAD ahead, nor does doing this at an UNLIT JUNCTION help when YOU were given a good few FEET of warning, but then if you had any idea what those FLASHING AMBER LIGHTS were you probably wouldn't have been such a fucking


Thank YOU for endangering not only YOUR life but the lives of other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Please now proceed to hand in your driving licence to the nearest DVLA office THEN EMPTY A FEW SHOTGUN SHELLS IN TO YOUR EMPTY FUCKING HEAD.

Yeah, I'm the one in the fucking Micra asshole.
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