January 19th, 2004

Ohh shiny things


People, I have just seen a post on a community about somebody's family member being killed and suddenly it's become a "hate crime" (I'm being vague now) anyways, I would like to point out something, it isn't always a hate crime and you're just making a "hate crime" into nothing by abusing it's name.

There are probably hundreds of people out there who want to stab me to death, this is not because who or what I am, it's because I'm a complete tosser and I annoy them so.

So remember, everytime you scream HATE CRIME!!!111 over something that isn't (until proven otherwise) you're making it in to a meaningless act that people can ignore because it's used too often. And that is sad as the true victims of a hate crime won't be taken seriously in the eyes of the general public.

Flame shields activated....
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