January 21st, 2004

Ohh shiny things

I feel poorly.

I feel utterly shit today. My left eye has a big red-ish brown patch which is probably a vein bursting (again), I was ill this morning and I'm not exactly sure why. But I did bring up bits of rice, which is even more odd as everything from the onion bhaji to the chicken tikka masala digested well.

I'm completely shattered and I'm not exactly sure why either as I got a decent nights sleep. It really makes no sense why exactly.


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I have mega-sooper plans.

I have plans to get an Apple laptop, first I'm trying eBay and the most I'm willing to spend there is £100. I've got a fairly recent one on for about £85 at the moment, but it has six days to go, which of course means the price will go stupid. If I get that one then hey I get it, if not I'm going to buy a new one from Apple and finance it via them.


I see a distrubing naming theme with me and computers.

My mail/proxy/web server is called Baby Jesus and my iMac is called The Virgin Mary. No points for guessing what my next machine will be called.
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