January 29th, 2004

Ohh shiny things

I had a bad night.

Last night I had a VERY bad night, by 10pm my body has disagreed with something to the point that it made me feel like I had litterally just been pulled from underneath a bus. I also was so violently ill that it made my left eye look like it's been punched repeatedly.

At one point it was so bad I almost called an ambulance, but I got myself in to a comfortable position in bed and it finally started to go down. This morning my eye looks like shit and there is very minor pain still. This is why I hate the human species because our flesh is so FUCKING STUPID.

On a related note, this is the amount of snow it takes to cripple a country, terrorists take notes:

Ohh shiny things

Oh, look. Lets kill innocents.

WARNING: If your easily offended this will make you want to tear your eyes out.

US helicopter murders innocent Iraqis (with video evidence).

I remember Fuhrer Bush once rattling on about the Geneva convention when dead Americans were shown on Al-Jezera (most likely spelled incorrectly), but when it comes to him having to conform to them, oh no, we can't have that, shoot it if it moves.
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Your item with reference SW[snip]GB is currently progressing through our network sitting in a van somewhere whilst the driver is having a wank on a prostitute.


So Parcel Farce haven't been bothered to show. I somewhat expected this as they're utter fucking shit.

However, now the only thing I can do is amuse myself with this image:

edit: Theives! The lot of you, what do you think I am a hosting company? You may steal anything you wish from me but have the decency to upload it to your own servers as not to waste my bandwidth which I pay for.