February 13th, 2004

Ohh shiny things


I got a letter this morning, it was from the bank.

Important information about borrowing on your account

This advice is to let you know we paid money to people, you hit your overdraft limit and we then pillaged £25 from you.

Sucks to be you,

p.s. We've enclosed the same leaflet you receive monthly in your statements. kthnxbi.

It doesn't supprise me at all they took the money, infact I expected it to happen all along, but why must they tell me this in a mob style "you pay or we break legs" semi-threat letter, really I received a semi-bollocking already when I re-financed my loan.

Bank: "We see here sir that your account frequently goes past your agreed limit."
Me: "Well, no it doesn't, I check my online banking daily, and you may notice my savings account is massive, this is because I store all my bill money in there as I can not spend it, when a direct debit comes through for the money I transfer it back in the same day whilst the payment for the direct debit is still 'pending'".
Bank: "oh, right then, I shall re-finance this loan, will you be giving us your first born or a leg?".

Oh well, I stand to my word that it was the best cash I spent as I required that 12 hour sleep marathon.
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Gooh Gooh Gah Gah

I hate fridays now...

... like last Friday I'm absolutly shattered, huzzam! Anyways, I'm probably going to hang around here until 6pm, as I'm not in the mood to fuck around on the roads, I just want to point and shoot, not point, shoot, stop, wait, wait, handbreak up, handbreak down, move an inch and repeat.

Or I'll make an attempt to go through the back routes, but I only did that once, in daylight with directions so I'd probably get lost.
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