February 22nd, 2004

Ohh shiny things

Thats it!

I can no longer take the legal system seriously, I am writing the Queen to have her execute every magistrate in the country and take charge.

On person who frequents a pub I go to has managed to get off a drink drive charge, he claimed that his foreign client/friend/fellow fraudster was driving (up to the point of his drive, where the switched seconds before the police stopped the vehicle on his front drive). This is also the same excuse when he was doing over 100mph on a national limit single carriageway (60mph).

The police in the area are quite obviously not quite impressed with this outcome and one would suspect some examples will be made in the not-so-distant future or they'll finally do him and have it stick.

He really needs to have a driving ban before he kills somebody, it's not a question of "if he may" it's "when and who" as he'll probably start getting reckless at this rate.
Janet Boob


I'm so smrt, so much in fact I left the face plate of my radio on the top of my car.

Thankfully somebody put it through the letter box this morning.

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