March 1st, 2004

Ohh shiny things


Monday Summary:

  • Stewart loses mobile, receives bollocking for many people including Orange.

  • Orange fucked up a mobile phone by labeling it with the incorrect name, so the person got somebody else's number. The other person is up in Birmingham and his mobile is now longer working.


  • Had to sit in an somebody's car and play with their car speaker mobile thing, I mocked him as it was an automatic.

  • I just got another lost phone call. Same routine, police, orange, etc.

    I'm such a fucktard.

    At lunch I was planning to feed and wash HRH Car, which I did in the end. However, getting to that stage I managed to get there in good time and grab a pump only to realise my wallet with added Bank Cash Add-On was still sitting on my desk ion the office.

    I was verbally annoyed and I'm sure everybody on the forecourt heard it.

    So I went back to work, got my shit and returned only to find queues, many queues.

    I eventually got my petrol and after about 20 minutes my wash and I was off back
    to evil work.

    Now my sandwich from about 30-45 minutes ago remains only a quarter open as I haven't had the chance to get it into my mouth let alone out of the packet.


    I need all of you to do me a HUGE favour and post the following to your journals as I can not miss it if it's showing up all over my friends page:

    Kevin, at lunch bring the monkey to Barclays and deposit it or you shall be eaten by a cloud of locusts, or even crazy nuclear spiders.

    Thank you and god bless for saving me from the nuclear spiders.

    edit: The task is complete and I even have a stamped slip thingy to prove it. EAT THAT NUCLEAR SPIDERS!