March 9th, 2004

mmm... brains


Today is an ASS.

I *need* to *quickly* increase my overdraft limit or they'll charge me £50 again, this is always a nice way to start the day. Then I receive a phone call I'm getting bitched at because I'm not in Bedford and because a printer that was quite obviously tampered with since I shipped it out was not working.

Both of which are of course fully my fault.

Meh. At lunch I need to go off to the bank and during the rest of the day I'll just seek new employment.

I've been meaning to post this...

I'm quite annoyed with work at the moment. I was going to have these two days off (Monday and Tuesday), however, I had somebody who was susposed to come in yesterday which is why I canceled my days off.

Yesterday he didn't show, nothing to indicate that he wasn't coming. This hacked me off, I could have spent two days at home, but NO, I came in for this twunt to get assistance in a technical problem that needed fixing.

Oh well, if they want help next time and I'm going to take days off they'll just have to wait as it's obviously not that urgent to start off with.

WOO, etc

Me and edibleundies have a brilliant idea, but I won't say as you'll steal it and that would just suck.

But it involves a website, loads of drink and various corporate sponsors.