March 10th, 2004



I received my extra overdraft (thankfully) after being threatened by the bank for going over my agreed limit twice, which wouldn't happen if they didn't process *ALL* my direct debits at least 5 days in advance of their correct date. For example, my direct debit which was dated for 9 March, was taken out on the 5th (as "pending awaiting confirmation" until Tuesday).

But whatever, I'm sorted.
Gooh Gooh Gah Gah

New carreer for me.

Kevin: I shall fight to the death to protect my right to buy naff shite from the telly and pile an unpayable mountain of debit!
Kevin: debt even.

hannah: that should be in the european convention on human rights

Kevin: "To each citizen of an EU country, excluding all the shit ones, yeah you heard us France, shall have the right to buy crap from the comfort of their own houses, piling on the debt like a fat man piles on burgers to his order at MacDonalds."

hannah: hahahaha
hannah: please be a world leader kevin

Kevin: I shall.
hannah: thank ya
Multi-National Cherie

First Direct?

Anybody use first direct? I'm contemplating moving across to them mainly because they do textaphone banking which I'd abuse well and often along with their "You're slowly going broke" alerts.

However, I don't want to move and find their they're pants.

edit: gremmer iz teh g00d far me, inglishes I are goodz ate.