March 16th, 2004



Both the dogs are asleep and dreaming, they look like they're possessed, twitching and randomly barking, not full on barking, but soft dream state barking.

Charlie is obviously running in his dog dream and Harry, as to be expected, he's dreaming of lying down.


Upon searching for my Sims CD I found my CD player I purchased in Newcastle Airport (during a 6 hour delay by SleezyJet) and three old credit card statements.

But I didn't find my Sims CD. Poo.
Ohh shiny things

Oh boo it comes to an end :(


I'm going to biggify this sign or even bring it down to the sign shop to be made in to a real sign. Why you may ask, because tomorrow I have work and I'm not looking forward to what will greet me when I get back, endless whining about petty things whilst whining about real issues which have been held up because of the continious whinging about, wait for it, petty things.

On another note, I checked the Virgin Mobile website, I can get a call centre job for £12k/pa, going up to £13k/pa after 6 months, plus they give you a load of Virgin rubbish and various discounts on said rubbish. So I shall be writing up my CV and sending it in. And if I get it, this is the real brilliant part, every morning I'll be driving AWAY from the sun, yes I know it's a tiny victory, but when you're tall and your sun-blocking device covers 50% of your view, you too would see why I'm overly excited.