March 24th, 2004


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These are still coming to me somehow; please rectify. I cannot believe that the website needs changing to achieve this. You mentioned previously that you did not know who ran the website, I would suggest [marketing company who shant get credit here] if not contact Andrew who will be able to tell you. Whoever it is please sort out the routing of these mails.



I think I need to send him a picture book with the basics of form handling scripts and what they do, or I could just axe him to death.

On another note as you can quite clearly see this is of course my fault, even though HE took over the role of the person who was responsible for their website, so in essence HE SHOULD KNOW WHO THEY ARE. But then again I suspect I'm asking too much from people who have enough problems remembering their names.

edit: I should also explain that I have informed him of what is probably occuring and why and that this of course is nothing I can help him with. I did however just move the old email alias (as he's still receiving the other person's email) to the receptionist which he'll of course shut his trap about untill such time as he wants to make a fuss over it (which should be 2-3 days).
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I have received a telephone call

... it was from First Direct's security department, confirming I requested to have an account opened with them and that (after my confirmation of course) that my account would be activated tonight and I would receive my plastic money card and dust collecting book (cheques) within 7 days (and of course a welcome pack with various threatening words like "interest" and "fees").

Now I need to fill out the "Piss off you bitches" form which they'll use to move across any direct debits and standing orders (BUT I need to find out about my loan direct debit as I'm not too sure how NatWest will deal with that, as I saw her check "suckle finances slowly and painfully from client account".

And soon I shall have this all arranged any try out TEXTAPHONE BANKING.

YAY, etc.


That's better than getting into some virgin panties.

Context: I was *finally* setting up his barcode username and password and it worked (supprisingly as I just made it up as I went).
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