March 25th, 2004


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Everytime I see ladiorange I think "Lay-Dee-Oh-Orange", then I think "Radio 2", then I hear the "BEE BEE CEE RAY DEE OH TWO" loop a few times.

Yes, I'm random and as it seems so is my brain.
I'm not buying it.

Justice is a mockery...

A teenage driver guilty of motoring and drug offences was let off more than £400 fines - because he sat still in court for half an hour.

Mark Jones, 19, faced fines totalling £417 after admitting a string of driving offences and possessing cannabis.

But instead of making him pay up, Port Talbot magistrates offered to waive the fines - if he sat at the back of the court for 30 minutes until lunchtime.

Magistrate Lynda "I'm a fucktard" Heycock needs a slap with a glove made of poison laced needles.
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