March 28th, 2004



We got stopped by the police. It seems the fuse that took out the internal lights also took out the rear lights (including brake lights) so David was stopped. I being intoxicated could not drive a motor vehicle, David passed and we got an escort home because the fuse wasn't fixed at roadside.

However, they tried to do him for tax twice but unfortunatl for them he was valid.
Ohh shiny things

A little more sober now...

So anyways, last night.

On our way back from the pub (David was perfectly fine to drive and he passed the breath test) we were pulled by two police cars, one of which had followed us from New Park Street and the other obviously was called out, they pulled us over by Caen Hill Gardens (which is a side road as I'm not exactly sure what the street we were on was) and they boxed us in assuming that the driver was completely pissed. They were incorrect in this, but then again if you saw a car without tail lights (I don't think they realised the front ones were on) you'd probably think the same.

So once they did their business the second car went off and a third car coming from Melksham/Trowbridge way showed up, they preformed the breath test and of course had a chat with David, they eventually came to the conclusion it was in fact a fuse and not a suicidal driver.

David made an attempt to sort out the fuse at roadside, but eventually (after about 5-10 minutes of the car going dark then lighting up like Piccidilly Circus they decided to just escort us back home.

So anyways, that was our fun night with the law.
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