March 29th, 2004

I'm not buying it.

How dare you suggest this bank move in to the present...

I <3 the Royal Bank of Scotland, at work we use HOBS which is provided by them. Now on friday we needed to upgrade the machine to Windows XP which should be easy, however, I only found this out minutes ago but HOBS is unuseable on XP, even more to the point the bank hasn't even tested it on XP.

XP has been out long enough for the bank to do so and the fact that they insist on using Windows 98 is just scary, could you imagine what their servers are running?

This is our coms room, as you can see we have state of the art servers running the most up to date version of Windows 3.1, packed with 64mb of ram and two 150MB hard drives.

But there is hope for my fuck up, the accounts manager was also a bit supprised that RBOS are utterly stupid so that gets me off the "WHATTHEFUCKHAVEYOUDONE" part and he says for now they can get faxed copies of statements. But also RBOS have a CRAZY CORPORATE INTARWAB ONLYNE BANKING service which of course would be much better (and cut the numerous 0845 calls to the bank skank).

Oh and a summary of monday so far:

- Almost got hit by a BMW driver on my way to work.
- Need to clean my whore.
- Need to feed my whore.
- Need to send an email to people.
- Need the bank to move my money over.

And one more thing, work needs to end an hour early, this "getting up at 7, when it's really 6" shit isn't good.
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