April 13th, 2004



It's only Tuesday and most of the staff here have managed to let their IQs drop to a negative number.

I was called downstairs to set up two machines with Outlook, both of the users of course can't remember what their details are, which is not very good as they are the only ones who house this knowledge. After 5 minutes of straight fucking around I just can't be bothered and declare that I shall have their passwords reset and return upon the completion of said task.

Needless to say I've just sent the email with mocking undertones to our email provider and now I wait.
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Today has actually turned out to be quite good, I received a cheque in the post from the tax man, since they overcharged me in 2002/2003 I got a refund for £520.49.

Now I am happy.

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Hurrah! I lost my fucking paying in book.

Who the fuck still uses cheques, oh wait, the government who has an electronic way to steal my money but doesn't use the same system to give it back.