April 14th, 2004


An open letter.

Dear Internet,

Once you were a wonderful place, now you're full of spam bots, script kiddies and h4x0rbees.

Do us all a favour and remove them from your vast space, preferably with un-nessary force.

Thank you.

p.s. Video it too, I need a laugh.

I was going to go out..

.. but I FORGOT MY FUCKING WALLET AT HOME. Great, now I can't actuall put the cheque in to the bank. Useful.

edit: I did bring it, I managed to hide it away. Seriously, it's lotto time.

Today I spent cash.

I got a Handytone ATA-286 which is a analogue VoIP adaptor which I will attach to my DECT handsets allowing me to move them off of telewest and giving me that "freedom" that I so desire (at the moment I'm moving the phone around the house with me).

Now I've got to play with the group settings on Gradwell to ensure when you ring 0117 306 0231 both my phones will ring.

Now to give you a bit more light on this, each device has it's own extention and at the moment 0117 306 0231 points to extention 200 3231, my VoIP adapter will then be 200 3232. I can either give both devices two different numbers (which is an arse) or I can build the group to do a simultanious hunt which will ring both "extentions" at once, which is preferable.

Anyways, I'm to expect delivery of my adapter object at some point within this week or next if they're being shat.