April 16th, 2004


(no subject)

Ste: you know that post about the Doors for Townies?
Kevin: In Chav Pictures?
Ste: yeh
Ste: i am so bored, i am going to remake it
Kevin: Going to show your Ph0705h0p 5k1llz then? ;)
Ste: lol no
Ste: my 1337 Paint Skills
Kevin: If you sex it up well, I shall award you the "much 13373r th4n m3" award.
Ste: lmao
Ste: i need a 3rd door
Ste: i got Crime, Benefit Faud
Kevin: "Clapped out Nova being clamped for failure to pay road tax and driving without insurance or a licence."
Ste: lol
Ste: Crime, Benefit Faud and Prison
Ste: Good

big news.

I've gone through with it, the letter goes in on monday (some people may already know what I mean).
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