April 23rd, 2004

I'm not buying it.

Well fuck bollocks and tits.

My wonderful and working VoIP service is now utterly shagged and I'm VEXED.

The devices were (stupidly) set to Grandstream's TFTP server to automatically upgrade the firmware, but in the new release it's utterly fucked them both and now they no longer can receive incoming calls at all.

Sure I can make outbound, but thats no good when I'd spend ALL MY TIME checking the answerphone. I've sent a suitably nice-cum-shitty email to Grandstream bitching about not being able to download a previous version of the firmware.

If they don't send me the old version I'm filling dead rats with C4 and posting them to their offices in America AND China.

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#It's not right, but it's okay, I'm going to make it anyway, pack your bags up and leave, don't you dare come running back to me#

She may be a cheap crack whore, but she has *some* talent.
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