April 28th, 2004

I'm not buying it.

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On my way into work I performed the worst hill start in the history of man.

I was going up a steep hill, met a van, slowed down but I thought I would have still been ok in 2nd, I was very wrong and I stalled gloriously. I smashed down the brakes and pulled the hand brake very quickly and then started going back up.

Now that would have been fine if my feet were doing something similar, but they didn't, gas down, engine making a noise and about 1 second later my clutch foot finally gets the message and I was off.

If there was a learner behind me, no doubt they would have laughed.


All I'm hearing today is bitching "Outlook is crashing", "Excel is crashing" and "AutoCad is crashing". Well sorry, what do you expect me to do about it, I'm not a fucking Microsoft/AutoCad programmer and more importantly your whining voice which sounds much like a two year old demanding sweets won't get you anywhere except clapped around the head by the back of my hand (in a downward motion to assert dominance).


I'm going to fucking BOMB Nat-Fucking-West, they're really starting to fuck me off.

I had ONE direct debit yesterday, ONE, now between that time and now they managed to clear THREE direct debits, yes THREE. Now much fucking NatWest account is over the overdraft limit and by the time I can pay in cash I'll be charged £50 for it.

Fucking CUNTS.
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An open letter.

Dear Germany,

As of this date I hereby impose a restriction on the export of your "dance music" until such time as you meet the following requirements:

  • It's no longer shit.

  • The videos contain something other than tits, seriously you're robbing the porn industry of their business.

  • When you purge the industry of it's former "artists", preferbly with a long and slow death.

  • Once you have completed these tasks submit form A303-BR2 and the €19,000 penalty fee to:

    The European Music Controller
    FREEPOST "End the Suffering", Licence 2982

    Thank you for your time.


    I've had to switch from my three phone back to my o2 one as I can't afford to have bills in excess of £70 a month purely on non-voice/non-premium services.

    I quite like three, I like the phone but unfortunatly I have to ditch it. I will be forwarding the number back to my o2 one (as I have 750 minutes per month) but I won't be picking up texts on it.

    I'm not canceling the contract or I'll be shagged hard by three, but £35/month (plus my o2 contract) together is cheaper than my "standard use" with three.


    Re-add this number to your phone books: 07734 653 887.