May 13th, 2004



On breakfast they're going on about 81.3p per litre of petrol being horrific in London & Manchester. Sorry I have no sympathy, here in Wiltshire I've seen it up to 84p chew that bitches.
Multi-National Cherie


I like these last few days, I can now be honest with some of these fucktards who obviously can't read.

We have Angela from Brentford who in the past has logged a support ticket on her own, however, being a thicko she forgot her username and password and started to whine to me. So after telling her what it was she fucked it up and sent a whiney email.

So being the class lady I am, I found the orignal email sent to everybody in the company and bolded the bits that were relivant to her idiocy and sent it off.

That shut her up.
Ohh shiny things


Well yesterday wasn't bad at all because I was given things to do and I spent most of the afternoon in my "old" office.

However, today has returned back to the same as monday and tuesday. He hasn't visited at all, nobody has called and I'm all alone again.

Well thanks for humouring me, it's quite obvious that is what happened and quite frankly they couldn't give a fuck about me around here.


edit: I'm probably going to take tomorrow afternoon off if it remains like this.


I've just rung up The Agency (the agency I popped in at on Tuesday) to confirm if they received my CV by email today. Unfortunatly Jennie isn't in and I've got to ring in later.

At least it's something to do.

In other news I need to know where to get TEH ADULTE EDUCASHUN, West Wilts DC are being USELESS and not giving me the information on their WAB SYTE and Witshire County Council are also being WHORES by doing the same. I think they should just GIVE me GCSEs for finding the information. For finding this course through the stupidity of the intarwab you get 6 GCSEs in WTF STOOPED KOUNCILZ.

Also, Siemens have unblocked streaming media so I can listen to all online radios again, except for Vibe FM because their stream is fucked up, bastards.

Well, there is a first really.

I've finally received something out of this fucking company, a thank you. Well actually, I received this from one of the Directors.

Nothing but a thank you, it was a nice gift because the rest of them won't even say it and I'm glad somebody thought enough of what I have done here to have said it.