June 1st, 2004

Ohh shiny things

Fucking Royal Mail

I thought they refused to deliver BNP leaflets, oh well, at least it gives me something to laugh at.

I've just read most of the leaflet which is most misinforming, I shall point out some of the ones that aren't just screaming in your face as "false fact":

EU Time-bomb: British membership of the European Union has blown away our borders and control over our own legal system. Since May 1st, 75 milion potential migrants from eastern Europe can now walk into Britain and live here at our expense. 97% of all asylum applications are bogus yet the politicians do nothing to stop the flood and protect us.

First of all, I shall note that the final sentance doesn't really fit in, but then again if you say it repeatedly it might just have some effect.... or not.

Secondly, the BNP seem to forget that migrants from the new EU countries are unable to claim benifits until they have been working for over a year, so I'm not quite sure how they're living at our expense at this time.

Housing time bomb: Asylum is ripping apart our countryside. The government is already planning to build five giant new cities, each the size of Birmingham, over the next 30 years to house over 5 million new immigrants.

1) Immigrants and asylum seekers are two different things, if you could read a dictionary this would be obvious. So take off the white hat and have a look for yourself.

2) I'm sure the government are going to plough down the countryside and build Birmingham five times over, not only does it sound like a laughable claim, but it also smells of bollocks.

Now lets start looking at the two photos that just made me wee myself:

Oh those silly asylum seekers always burning flags, oh wait, that looks nothing like any British town or city I've ever been to...

But daddy isn't racist!

Can you see it now Billy? He looks like a racist to me.

Oh BNP what fun you have made my Tuesday morning, now stop sending your leaflets as if I could vote (I was a bit late on the eletorate register this year) I wouldn't vote for you.

edit: Print this out and tape a penny to the back and send to the address marked on it.

In related news....

.... if you see the car with the registration number L114 ROR (or at least any vehicle with the trailer displaying that registration) please kick off their wing mirrors as shit for brains didn't load his trailer correctly and objects started to spill out on to the carriage way RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Thankfully all the stuff that fell out was plastic so I just ran it over rather than starting an accident by emergency stopping.

Also if you see any cyclists run them down, they're ASKING for it today. All the ones I've encountered have decided that they are not only allowed to cycle in the middle of the carriageway (and not turn right) but to do this on roads that you'd have to be insane to think of overtaking on let alone doing the act of overtaking.

You get a bit of sun and any idiot just decides to use the road. Nice.