June 7th, 2004


Many things, one update.

Today I received in a letter (on behalf of the Royal British Legion) from a woman whos mum had received a letter in 1941 advising her that her son was "missing" over Germany. But that's nothing new, however, she included the orignal document for five minutes I held history between my fingers, we reckoned the letter was about 63 (give or take a few months).

Obviously it wasn't something any sane person would send through the post, but her mother died hoping her son was still alive and she was quite desperate to find out anything. I passed on the letter to a supervisor who hopefully sent it on to RBL

Secondly, our fucking neighbours almost got a punch today from me and the fire brigade, something that fat horrid woman was cooking smelt much like burning wax, what made it worse and quite scary was the fact the downstairs filled with this smell so I was about to ring 999, however, after stepping outside I noticed smoke coming from their outdoor shit box BBQ and of course she was frying up a whole animal inside, probably an elephant, but who's to say, so I found no need to ring the fire brigade. I did however find the need to check if Focus had enough paint thinner for substantial dammage upon two cars.

In other MORE IMPORTANT news, I've checked Whale Watchers, they have two meetings, both on Thursday. Wow, choice.
But even more importantly, I haven't consumed TEH KOKE-AH-KOH-LA (or other carbonated sugar drink).